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Peters’ European Vacation

After signaling his support for Sanders, Gary Peters Jets Off to International Fundraiser

This morning, The Detroit News Political Insider reported that, at a time when many Americans are avoiding international travel, the lure of campaign donations has enticed Senator Gary Peters to London for a political fundraiser. This comes on the heels of Peters disclosing to The Washington Post that he would support Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders for president, should he become the eventual Democrat nominee.

Peters has recently been piling up frequent flyer miles traveling vast distances to raise funds for his struggling campaign. Just last week a constituent caught up with Peters who was catching a flight to San Antonio, Texas for a fundraiser. Peters has also traveled to both coasts to fill his campaign coffers.

“From California to Europe, big money progressives have had plenty of face time with Gary Peters, while Michiganders have been left out in the cold.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. “You shouldn’t have to be in the upper-echelon of Democrat politics to earn face time with your Senator. However, it is clear that whether it be dollars, euros, or pounds, money is the thing that makes Gary Peters come around.”