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Peters Fails to Address His Absence at the Congressional Executive Commission on China

Will Peters Admit Where He Was that He Missed 89% of the Meetings where He Promised “to Work to Hold China Accountable”? 

MRP Chairman Laura Cox asked Gary Peters to explain to Michigan voters why he missed 89% of the meetings where he promised “to work to hold China accountable”. When responding to the John James ad on Peters failing to hold China accountable, Peters did not even address being on the committee although he still sits on it 5 years later and has failed to attend 89% of its hearings.

In February 2015, when appointed to the Congressional Executive Commission on China, Peters promised to hold China accountable.  In the announcement release, Peters said, “I am honored to serve on the Congressional-Executive Commission on China where I will work to hold China accountable for unfair trade practices and currency manipulation, so that American companies and American workers can compete on a level playing field," 

But when asked by WXYZ Detroit, Peters’ office responded, "As Ranking Member of the Homeland Security Committee and member of the Armed Services Committee, Senator Peters has a strong record of standing up for Michigan whether it’s holding China accountable for unfair trade practices or working to boost American manufacturing to create jobs in Michigan and take back production of life-saving drugs and medical supplies. Attempts to distort that record are simply misleading.”  Peters’ response never mentions the Congressional Executive Commission on China once.

“Peters owes an explanation to Michigan voters why he failed to attend 89% of the meetings and why he failed to hold China accountable,” said Laura Cox.