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Peters On Health Care: “You’re Going To Have Medicare For All Down The Road”

30-year politician Gary Peters tries to have it both ways but told MFA advocate: “We have to go where you’re going”

Thirty-year politician Gary Peters tries to have it both ways on health care, but was heard in a video saying America’s next step beyond the ACA is Medicare for All, telling an MFA advocate that, “We have to go where you’re going.” 

Peters has claimed he does not support MFA. Instead, he claims he supports the ACA while adding more and more people to Medicaid. This includes his own legislation to lower the age at which people can be added to Medicaid health coverage.

However, questioned on stage by an MFA advocate in 2018, Peters waffled big time and indicated support of MFA coming into place at a later time.

In politician-speak, that means he can tell people who support MFA that he supports it… without upsetting other voters who oppose it.

During intense questioning in which Peters becomes almost hostile under pressure, Peters said about MFA:

  • “I don't disagree at all. The path forward is where you're going to have a ‘Medicare for All’ down the road, that's probably where we're going to go, but we’ve got to deal with the problem that we have right now, and that is that the Affordable Care Act is under attack.” (Gary Peters Town Hall, 6/01/18)
  • “Well, sir, I agree. And we have to go to where you're going.” (Gary Peters Town Hall, 6/01/18)
  • “I’m not disagreeing with you. I'm not disagreeing with you at all, it’s that we have to get a path to get to that place” (Gary Peters Town Hall, 6/01/18)

Peters also waffled when he failed to vote against MFA in the U.S. Senate.

In a 2017 Senate vote on an amendment to create an MFA program, Peters avoided a chance to take a position and instead voted “Present”. (HR 1628, Roll Call Vote #173, Peters Voted Present, 7/27/17)

“Thirty-year politician Gary Peters is trying to have it both ways. Talking to most people, he claims he opposes Medicare for All. Yet when talking behind closed doors to MFA advocates, he says he is with them all the way,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. “Michigan needs combat-tested leadership in the Senate like John James, not six-more years of someone who talks out of both sides of his mouth just so he can enjoy the perks of office until retirement.”