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Peters: One Pension For Me, (N)one For You!

Profiteering Gary Peters doesn’t mind threatening other peoples’ pensions even as he collects a cool quarter million himself from the State of Michigan

Double dipping Gary Peters is profiting off the backs of taxpayers as he collects a State of Michigan pension while pulling down a U.S. Senate paycheck, but he doesn’t mind threatening other peoples’ pensions while he does.

Peters has vacuumed up about a quarter million dollars from the Michigan Legislative Retirement System as he collects $174,000 each year from his U.S. Senate salary. (Source: Financial Disclosure Reports Database, Office of The Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives).

Despite his own pension double-dipping during record high unemployment in Michigan, Peters has threatened the pensions of others many times during his 30-year political career:

  • Peters voted against Veterans Affairs appropriations legislation that funded veterans’ pensions. The bill then passed and became law. (Continuing Appropriations and Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2017H.R. 5325, Roll Call Vote #151: Passed 72-26, 9/28/16, Peters Voted Nay)
  • Peters supported the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction plan to help balance the federal budget by reducing military and federal pensions. Peters said in July 2012 that “Simpson-Bowles gives us that framework to do it [deal with the deficit]. And we need to take a look at that framework and move forward.” (YouTube, “2012 14th Congressional District Candidates Forum,” 7/1/12)
  • Peters said a pension fund that stood to lose millions in the 2009 Chrysler bankruptcy was wrong to resist the terms of the offer. “The creditors were given a good offer, the vast majority of those creditors took that offer, you've got now an Indiana pension fund that doesn't like the offer and they stand to lose about 4.8 million dollars if the offer goes through. However, it's uncertain they would recover that if they go into liquidation.” (Senator Gary Peters, “Congressman Peters On Bloomberg June 9, 2009,” YouTube, 6/09/09) Minutes 1:35-2:1)

“Double-dipping Gary Peters worked against peoples’ pensions but is taking one for himself, all while collecting a government paycheck in Washington,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. “Peters has profited from his 30-year career in politics but now it is time to send him into retirement.”