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Peters Pandemic Failures: Peters Said Borders Must Be Secured To Limit COVID Spread. Then He Left The Country For A Reelection Fundraiser…

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolded in America and across the world in February, U.S. Senator Gary Peters repeatedly sounded the alarm about international travel across our borders in order to protect the country against COVID-19.

What did he do next? Peters jumped on an airplane and flew out of the country to collect campaign cash for his own benefit, putting Michigan residents at risk of accelerated spread.

  • On February 12th, Peters said the U.S. faced a low risk, but quickly he changed his tune.
  • On February 25thPeters told WZZM that to stop the spread of COVID-19, “Right now we’re focusing on keeping our borders as secure as possible. We need to provide a second layer of defense at our border.”
  • Peters went on to say that, “it is important to identify those folks who may not have symptoms. But still we need to be concerned and make sure they are separated from the general population until we can be sure they haven’t been infected."
  • Going even further in his concern about the coronavirus crossing U.S. borders, on February 28th Peters issued a press release questioning the best ways for the federal government to return sickened U.S. passengers who were stranded on a cruise ship in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Yet Peters jumped on a plane during the exact same time frame, leaving the U.S. and flying to London, England for the sole purpose of grabbing more cash for his reelection campaign at a fundraiser there, also on February 28th.

Peters refused to comment about the wisdom of traveling out of the country prior to leaving for the fundraiser, leaving Michigan residents wondering how he would protect them from his travels.

The Independent says the first confirmed COVID-19 cases in the U.K. took place a month prior, on January 29th, and that the first confirmed U.K. death took place on the day of Peters’ fundraiser on February 28th. 

Despite Peters’ stated COVID concerns, he has never said if he isolated himself for 14 days after returning to Michigan.

“Gary Peters’ guiding principal is how to serve his bottom line and nothing else. He collects two government paychecks at once, rejects Obamacare for a subsidized, exclusive health care plan and ignores his own warnings about international travel spreading COVID-19,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “Must be that his special health care plan is so good he didn’t worry about getting sick or paying the resulting bills. He sure did not care about the taxpayers who pay for his health care plan.”