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Peters Refuses Pay Cut As Michiganders Go Without Jobs – Even After DOUBLING His Personal Wealth While In Washington

Cox: “While Michiganders struggle at home, Gary Peters is growing wealthy in Washington.”

Senator Gary Peters refused to accept a pay cut after being questioned by WXYZ anchor Carolyn Clifford in a statewide town hall meeting about the difficulties facing Michigan families during the COVID-19 pandemic, including historically high unemployment.

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox criticized Peters for refusing to do his part in the crisis, especially after discovering that Peters has grown wealthy in Washington.

Peters has doubled his wealth during his time in Washington, D.C. *According to his financial disclosure statement, Peters receives a salary of $174,000 as a U.S. Senator. Additionally, Peters’ financial disclosure reports that Peters’ wealth went from $1,752,562 to $3,864,093.

“While Michiganders struggle at home, Gary Peters is growing wealthy in Washington. After 30 years as a politician, Gary Peters’ bank account proves he knows how to make politics work for him. But what Michigan needs right now is a senator who puts service to others first. That is why we need John James in the U.S. Senate,” said Cox.

On Friday, national unemployment numbers showed Michigan had 17 of the 25 highest unemployment county rates in the nation.