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Peters Refuses To Respond To Health Care Questions, Just Like He Refuses To Use Obamacare

U.S. Senator Gary Peters is hiding from revelations that he refuses to use an ACA exchange health care plan like Michigan families are forced to do. Instead, Peters gets an exclusive State of Michigan legislative retirement insurance plan that average workers cannot access.

John James challenged Peters on his exclusive health care yesterday during a visit with Saginaw small business leaders, but Peters is in hiding despite his efforts to make the ACA a central campaign issue.

James is the only candidate in the race who knows the pressures of providing health care to employees. And, John James uses the same health care plan his employees do.

Peters has been ineffective in Congress in passing only 1.9% of his bills but is very effective at serving himself. Among the many special deals, no constituent is privy to, Peters banks $50,000-per-year from a state pension during his “retirement” at the same time he is grabbing $174,000-per-year as a U.S. Senator.  

“Gary Peters hypes his support of Obamacare, but he won’t even use it for his own family. Worse yet— he doesn’t want voters to know,” said Michigan Republican Party Chair Laura Cox.

“Peters is ineffective as a Senator but is a rockstar when it comes to serving himself. John James knows the pressures of providing health care insurance to Michigan families and, like the leader he is, uses the same plan as his employees. The difference couldn’t be more clear.”