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Peters Signals Support for Socialist Sanders

LANSING, Mich., February 26, 2020 – While many Democrats are fighting back against Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders’ takeover of their party, Michigan Senator Gary Peters can’t be counted amongst their ranks. On Wednesday, when asked by the Washington Post if he would support the radical Vermont Senator, Peters replied: “I’m supporting whoever the Democratic candidate for President is,”.  Peters’ statement comes after Sanders’ victories in the early primaries have established him as the clear frontrunner in the fight for the Democrat Presidential nomination, and show the Democrats rapid swing to the extreme left.

“It is incredibly disappointing that Gary Peters would put party ahead of the values which have made our nation great.” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox continued, “Bernie Sanders is a Socialist who has praised Communist dictators and even honeymooned in the Soviet Union. His values are incompatible with those of our nation. Sanders' agenda, which consists of the job-killing Green New Deal, banning employer-provided healthcare and opening our borders, would destroy our thriving economy. Clearly, it is more important than ever that we make Gary Peters a one-term Senator.”