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Peters Still Protecting Gov. Whitmer And Her Dangerous Nursing Home Policy

When will Peters protect his seniors instead of his political ally?

Gary Peters again indicated support for Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s dangerous policy of placing COVID-19 patients inside nursing homes when he signed a Democratic congressional reportcritical of governmental nursing home efforts that made no mention of the most controversial issue facing his own Michigan constituents.

At least four Michigan Democratic officials have officially abandoned Whitmer’s dangerous nursing home policies, but Peters continues to protect his political ally, Whitmer.

Peters signed on to the new report in another failed attempt to show he acted on the senior citizen crisis in Michigan, yet he still refuses to oppose Whitmer’s policy of sending COVID-19 patients into nursing homes.

Peters previously failed to call on Whitmer to release data about the number of deaths that occurred in Michigan nursing homes this year. After months of outside pressure, Whitmer finally released limited data on June 15th, which showed a heart-breaking 1,947 patients and 20 staffers died in Michigan’s nursing homes.         

“Why would Gary Peters refuse to call out Gov. Whitmer’s bungled nursing home data reporting and her dangerous nursing home policy?” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. “A U.S. Senator should be protecting his constituents, not his own self-interests and political friends at the expense of our seniors.”