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Peters Supports Government-Run Healthcare, Even As He Gets Exclusive Health Insurance From Taxpayers

Studies show Peters’ Public Option Plan will reduce funding to Michigan’s rural hospitals, but he will forever be protected because of his special insurance available only to politicians like him


LANSING, Mich., October 20, 2020 – Gary Peters supports a new health plan that will put Michigan’s rural hospitals at risk of closing or being cut, even as he is sitting pretty with an exclusive, gold-plated health insurance plan paid for by taxpayers.


Peters is on record supporting the Peters Public Option Plan that allows people to buy into government-run Medicare as their primary form of health coverage. 


But Peters’ plan will put large numbers of Michigan’s rural hospitals at risk of closures and cuts.


That means fewer heath care options for Michigan patients and fewer jobs for Michigan residents.


Peters is not worried though, because he will never be affected by his own plan.


Only his constituents would be.


Peters gets exclusive, Cadillac health insurance provided only to politicians like himself—unavailable to the Michigan families he represents in Congress. 


Not that you would know!


Peters lied on his Congressional financial disclosure forms for years about receiving the exclusive health insurance.


He even lied to the Detroit News, saying he took an Obamacare ACA exchange plan, just like everyone else.


Did he?