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Peters Was The Invisible Man On China And Now Michigan’s Economy Is Paying For it

Peters skipped 89% of hearings and failed to lead on protecting Michigan’s economy from China


LANSING, Mich., September 23, 2020 – Gary Peters is a member of the United States Senate.


But being a member is not the same as being a leader who fights for his constituents.


Peters has said that, “Countries like China need to be held accountable.”


But when Peters had the chance to do so, he skipped 89% of Congressional hearings designed to hold China accountable.


Peters was so invisible in the fight to hold China accountable that earlier this year, when China sanctioned other U.S. Senators who were unafraid to speak up about China, Peters wasn’t even on the list!


China is not afraid of Gary Peters.


They don’t even know who he is.


“If Michigan voters can’t remember Gary Peters’ name in an election year, how would we expect our main economic rival, China, to do so?” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. “Had Peters showed up at his job and worked to hold China accountable for its actions to weaken Michigan’s economy, maybe our state would have been stronger economically when COVID-19 hit.”