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Plagiarism Joe

LANSING, Mich., June 5, 2019 –The following is a statement from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox regarding revelations that Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden plagiarized portions of his policy agenda. This is not the first-time Biden has come under attack for plagiarism. Biden was forced to drop out of the 1988 Presidential race when it was found that he had lifted portions of his speeches from other politicians such as Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphry and Neil Kinnock. While attending law school Biden also used five pages from a legal review without attribution.

“Not only are Joe Biden’s ideas wrong, sadly they are also stolen. The people of Michigan want real leadership in the White House, not a recycled Washington politician who is running on recycled ideas. Michigan can’t afford a return to the policies of the Obama/Biden administration. A playbook which Joe Biden would apparently copy verbatim.”