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Pop Quiz! What’s Gary Peters Done in Washington? Not Enough to Satisfy Michigan Voters

LANSING, Mich., October 8, 2020 — What has Gary Peters done in Washington?


Most people don’t know if he’s done anything of consequence, and that is why Peters is in the fight of his life for reelection.


Remember, Peters has lost a statewide election before.


And, it is about to happen again.


New polling repeatedly shows he is struggling against John James.


WDIV’s new poll shows Peters unable to get past 45% overall, with large percentages of undecided voters, including 18.6% of Black voters who were unwilling to commit to Peters.


After a 30-year political career, how could Peters still be so weak?


The National Republican Senatorial Committee pointed out the obvious answers in their new ad this week:


  • 12 years in Washington with no signature success for Michigan workers


  • $2 million in pay, PLUS a state paycheck for his “retirement”


  • Fancy, gold-plated health insurance paid for by taxpayers.


  • Skipped work, including majorities of time on the China, Small Business and Financial Services committees


  • Failed to prepare us for the COVID-19 pandemic by skipping Homeland Security subcommittee meetings and doing nothing about reports that key federal agencies were unprepared to face a pandemic.


  • He even told Michigan residents that the risk of COVID-19 exploding here was “low”.


“Gary Peters has lost a statewide election before. I know, I was there for it,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. “This time is no different. Michigan voters aren’t buying what he has to offer. Gary had six years to get something significant done, he failed to do so and the voters know it.”