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Presidential Democrats Move to Kill Northern Michigan Jobs

LANSING, Mich., February 27, 2020 –  On Wednesday, Elizabeth Warren joined Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg in calling for the shutdown of the Line  pipeline, even though a plan created late last year by Michigan’s business, labor, and political leaders would eliminate its’s environmental risks, and create good-paying union jobs in northern Michigan. The bipartisan plan to build a tunnel under the straights would also carry vital utilities used by the citizens of the Upper Peninsula, while mitigating risks to the Great Lakes. 

The move by Warren, Sanders, and Buttigieg comes as no surprise on the eve of the March 10th Michigan Primary. In recent years, closing Line 5 has become orthodoxy within the Michigan Democrat Party’s Progressive wing, despite pushback from the northern Michigan Democrats and Labor Unions who see the benefits and jobs that would be created throughout the region. Both Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel have made moves to cancel the upgrades to Line 5, even though 73% of Michigan members of the National Federation of Independent Business support moving forward with planned upgrades.

“The Democrat Primary circus hasn’t even gotten to town yet, but they are already pledging to kill jobs here in the Great Lakes State,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox continued, “Last year, a bipartisan agreement was reached that would eliminate the possibility of environmental disaster while creating good-paying union jobs in a region in need of growth. Unfortunately, while President Trump is fighting for more jobs in Michigan, Democrats would rather appease elitist environmentalists from the most radical wing of their party.”