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Profiteering Peters Protects His Own Paycheck

In the middle of record unemployment, Gary Peters refuses to cut his own pay despite double dipping with state pension, Senate salary

Michigan citizens face record levels of unemployment and income losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but profiteering U.S. Senator Gary Peters sees no reason to slash his multiple government checks.

Peters double dips when it comes to taxpayer funding. He has collected about $250,000 from taxpayers in the form of a State of Michigan pension even though he is also vacuuming up $174,000 and other government perks from the United States Senate. (Source: Financial Disclosure Reports Database, Office of The Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives).

Peters refused to cut his own pay after being questioned by Detroit’s WXYZduring a virtual town hall meeting about the difficulties facing Michigan families during the COVID-19 pandemic, including historically high unemployment.

“While Michiganders struggle, Gary Peters refuses a pay cut despite profiting off of multiple government checks each month,” said Cox. “Peters skips committee hearings but never misses a government paycheck. That’s one more reason Michigan voters won’t miss him after November.”