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Restaurants Argue Whitmer's Shutdown Is Unconstitutional

LANSING, Mich., December 1, 2020 – After Governor Whitmer issued another shutdown which barred restaurants from having dine-in service, the industry is fighting back, arguing her crippling order is unconstitutional.

In a court hearing yesterday, lawyers representing multiple restaurant associations argued that Governor Whitmer’s ban on dine-in service was unconstitutional. According to MLive, the specific area of concern comes from the statute “MCL 333.2253, which allows the MDHHS director to ‘prohibit the gathering of people for any purpose’ during an epidemic.” Restaurants are arguing this law to be unconstitutional.

“Governor Whitmer has single handedly destroyed hundreds of small businesses and thousands of jobs with her administrations unconstitutional orders.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “Whitmer continues to shut out the people’s elected representatives in the legislature, refusing to come up with a plan that protects the lives of Michiganders without destroying their livelihoods. The Michigan Republican Party stands with restaurants and all businesses as they fight to survive Whitmer’s disastrous orders.”