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LANSING, Mich., February 11, 2017 – Michigan Republicans from across the state gathered today at the Lansing Center to unanimously elect Ron Weiser as Chairman and Amanda Van Essen-Wirth as Co-Chair of the Michigan Republican Party.

“We had a tremendously successful 2016, and we have our work cut out for us for 2018,” Chairman Ron Weiser said. "I am confident that with the right strategy, tactics, and resources, we will continue to be successful, will win in 2018, and will make sure that Michigan stays on the Comeback track.”

Weiser, who emphasized Party unity in his convention speech, previously served as Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party in the 2010 cycle, overseeing record gains for Republicans across Michigan.

Michigan Republicans also elected new leadership in the Vice Chair positions. The following individuals were elected:

  • Administrative Vice Chair: Gerry Hildenbrand
  • Coalitions Vice Chair: Kevin Tatulyan
  • Ethnic Vice Chair: Terris Todd
  • Grassroots Vice Chair: Mark Gurley
  • Outreach Vice Chair: Benjamin Soltis
  • Youth Vice Chair: Michael Banerian