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Senate Republicans

Visit the caucus website for a listing of all GOP State Senators and links to their individual homepages. If you do not know your district, click here.

District Name Contact
District 8 Pete Lucido [email protected]
District 10 Michael MacDonald [email protected]
District 14 Ruth Johnson [email protected]
District 15 Jim Runestad [email protected]
District 16 Mike Shirkey [email protected]
District 17 Dale Zorn [email protected]
District 19 John Bizon [email protected]
District 21 Kim LaSata [email protected]
District 22 Lana Theis [email protected]
District 24 Tom Barrett [email protected]
District 25 Dan Lauwers [email protected]
District 26 Aric Nesbitt [email protected]
District 28 Peter MacGregor [email protected]
District 30 Roger Victory [email protected]
District 31 Kevin Daley [email protected]
District 32 Ken Horn [email protected]
District 33 Rick Outman [email protected]
District 34 Jon Bumstead [email protected]
District 35 Curt Vanderwall [email protected]
District 36 Jim Stamas [email protected]
District 37 Wayne Schmidt [email protected]
District 38 Ed McBroom [email protected]
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