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LANSING, Mich., March 28, 2017 – Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser blasted Senator Debbie Stabenow today after news broke that Senator Stabenow will not vote to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch.

The Detroit News reported today that Senator Stabenow will attempt to block Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation in the Senate, and if she cannot, she will vote against his confirmation.

“Senator Stabenow, with her announcement today that she will not vote to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, is demonstrating that partisan politics are more important to her than the constituents that she was elected to represent,” Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser said today. “In an attempt to be in lock-step with liberal Democrats like Senator Chuck Schumer, Senator Stabenow also said that she will try to block an up or down vote in the Senate.”

“Senator Stabenow voted to confirm Judge Gorsuch in 2006,” Weiser continued. “There is no reason, beyond political partisanship, for her to deny Judge Gorsuch confirmation now. Judge Gorsuch is an exceptional judge, a decent human being, and is absolutely qualified to serve on the Supreme Court. It is time for Senator Stabenow to put people above politics and confirm Judge Gorsuch.”