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For the past 3 years, President Trump has been working hard – fighting for our jobs, cutting taxes, slashing regulation and Making America Great Again!

The President’s birthday is on the 14th and we’re putting together a list of his biggest supporters to sign the MIGOP Birthday Card for President Trump.

Our goal is to collect 5K signatures from the President’s loyal supporters like you.

The MIGOP Trump Birthday card is the perfect chance to let the President know how much you appreciate all the strides he’s making for Michigan.

Who's signing

Kathy Prater
Tammy Martin
Marilyn Dietzel
Tom Hyslop
Rita Maslanka
Camille Tucci
Erica Piña
Clint Willey
Jeffrey Kopp
Amy Barnes
Ann Taylor
Sandra Erwin
Tyler Morrow
DeAnna Huizinga
Eddie and Lynne Marx
Jennifer Minnema
Mark Ellis
Robert Nastas
Jacob Maxwell
John Wyssling
Wes Wolak
Pamela Wheaton
Douglas Ladney
Debbie Coning
Patricia Schafer
Thamer Shina
Laurie Pasquale
Aileen Acker
Tom Vandlen
437 signatures

Will you sign?

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