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Slotkin Considered For CIA Director Despite Past Criticism

LANSING, Mich., November 30, 2020 – Despite years of criticism for her handling of foreign policy matters, Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin is now reportedly being considered for Director of the CIA in a Joe Biden Administration, according to the Detroit Free Press.


Her consideration comes despite the fact that Slotkin has previously received immense scrutiny for her handling of American foreign policy, especially on matters in the Middle East. Slotkin received severe criticism from the late Senator John McCain, who said to her during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, “Ms. Slotkin, you either don't know the truth or you are not telling the truth to this committee,”, ending his remarks adding “I do not believe she is qualified.” and that, “she can’t articulate a strategy for the defeat of ISIS,”.


“From her support of the failed Iran Nuclear Deal to her inability to articulate any plans to fight America’s adversaries, Congresswoman Slotkin has proven time and again how grossly unqualified she is to handle foreign policy matters.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “It comes as no surprise that Joe Biden would consider someone this incompetent for his CIA Director, but I hope for the sake of the American people he has the wherewithal to pass on what would be a disastrous appointment.”