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Stevens Pick for President Wanted to Let Detroit Automakers Die

LANSING, Mich., February 28, 2020 –  While Congresswoman Haley Stevens often claims she led the U.S. auto bailout, her pick for president opposed the plan. According to the Detroit News, Michael Bloomberg stated in 2008 that, “It's hard to see how they (Detroit Automakers) get their act together. Their sales are down 75%. They haven't built the kind of cars the public wants".

Stevens’ endorsement of Bloomberg made headlines recently because the New York billionaire spent over $2 million to get Stevens elected to Congress in 2018.  

“Haley Stevens made her involvement in the auto bailout a hallmark of her 2018 campaign, saying she fought for Michigan’s autoworkers. Unfortunately, for $2 million she was willing to abandon those same workers in an attempt to put Michael Bloomberg in the White House.” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox continued, “This is yet another sad example of Democrats selling out blue-collar workers, to appease the agenda of the ultra-liberal coastal elite.”