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The Big Green Steal
Democrat Plan Could Cost Taxpayers $93 Trillion

Yesterday, the American Action Forum released its estimate for the total cost for the Democrats proposed “Green New Deal,” will apparently take mountains of green to fund. According to the non-profit group, led by former Congressional Budget office Chief Douglas Holtz-Eakin, the proposal which is cosponsored by Michigan Democrats Andy Levin and Rashida Tlaib could cost American taxpayers $93 trillion or $600,000 per household over its first ten years. While Republicans do not support the plan, Republican Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell has pledged to give the bill a fair vote up or down vote in the Senate.

“The Green new deal is the latest example of the extremism of the Democrat Party,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman. Cox continued, “This $93 trillion boondoggle would bankrupt our economy and put a bullseye on Michigan’s two largest industries, manufacturing and agriculture, all in the name of environmental and economic extremism. This ‘big green steal’ would kill countless Michigan jobs, raise our taxes and cripple our state’s economy. The coastal elites who run the Democrat Party have clearly stopped listening to or caring about American workers if they work in a factory or on a farm.  Democrats are smoking something green if they think that the American people or the people of Michigan will support this insanity.”

Much of the plan’s $93 trillion cost reads as a Progressive wish list, including massive subsidies for green energy, universal health care, and for those “unwilling to work”. The plan would also rebuild or retrofit every building in the United States to be Carbon neutral by 2030.