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The Headlines Say It All: China Is Not Afraid Of Gary Peters

Peters claims “I’ve always been tough on the Chinese government.” Does China even know who he is?

China is getting tough on U.S. Senators who are aggressively holding China accountable. 

But not Gary Peters. 

China this week sanctioned Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz for being critical of their policies. 

They don’t even seem to know Gary Peters exists. 

The headlines say it all:

THE GUARDIAN: China announces retaliatory sanctions against Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz

LA TIMES: China bans Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio from entry 

FORTUNE: Why China’s new sanctions single out Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio

BUSINESS INSIDER: China has imposed retaliatory sanctions on its US critics, including senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio

NEW YORK POST: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio among US officials sanctioned by China

In ads run earlier this year, Peters claimed, “I’ve always been tough on the Chinese government.” And, when he was appointed to the Congressional Executive Commission on China, Peters told Michigan residents that he would “make sure that China plays by the rules.” 

Peters proceeded to skip 89% of the hearings. Peters also traveled in 39 countries while in Congress on the taxpayer dime— ostensibly for national security purposes— but never made time to visit China and tell them he would be holding them accountable.

“China did not retaliate against Gary Peters because they don’t even know he exists. To be fair, maybe we need to re-check the sanctions list for Jerry Peters instead,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. “Joking aside, Gary Peters did not have the fortitude to face the Chinese government and now our economy is paying for it.”