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Where is Debbie Stabenow on Conyers allegations?

LANSING, Mich., November 27, 2017 –As the drumbeat has grown louder for disgraced Congressman John Conyers to resign, Michigan’s top female elected official has remained strangely silent. Outside of a brief statement stating the obvious that “sexual harassment is always unacceptable,” Senator Debbie Stabenow has said nothing about the allegations mounting against the embattled Conyers, including the fact that Conyers paid his accuser as a “ghost employee” in an effort to cover up his impropriety.

When asked for a statement Michigan Republican Party Communications Director Sarah Anderson, said, “Debbie Stabenow and the Democrats talk about protecting women, but when allegations are made against Democrats they choose to protect party over people.” She continued “It’s time for Debbie Stabenow to stop protecting these partisan predators and practice what she preaches. Senator Stabenow must call for the resignations of Congressman John Conyers and Senator Al Franken or explain to the women of Michigan why she would rather side with her party over principle.”

In addition to Stabenow’s silence, Michigan Democrats have bigger problems as they seem more interested in protecting their brand than addressing the very serious ethical and sexual harassment issues.  The Detroit Free Press reported on 11/22/17 that Democratic consultants are becoming increasingly worried that the allegations may impact 2018 plans due to the blatant hypocrisy on display by their Congressional leadership. The article reports Democratic fear that the allegations may harm their “brand.” This is in addition to both the Detroit News and Free Press calling on Conyers to step down.