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U.S. Senate Race Isn’t Just Heating Up, It’s On Fire

Friday’s Detroit Free Press poll shows Peters and James may be tied


LANSING, Mich., September 21, 2020 The Invisible Man’s support is disappearing before his eyes.


Ever since voters took a long look at Gary Peters during his statewide motorcycle tour, Peters’ voter support has evaporated into a neck-and-neck sprint to the finish line on November 3rd


A string of polling released since the tour shows a very tight U.S. Senate race, leading the reeling Peters campaign to pull Peters off his bike and put him back into his bunker.


Peters is so afraid that he will not even accept televised debates on major television stations.


Free Press: Senate race may be a dead heat


On Friday, the Detroit Free Press released a new poll showing that Peters has dropped from a 10-point lead to a “slim 4-percentage point” margin— the same as the four-point margin of error. This means the race may actually be a dead heat.   


The Freep went on to say that, “Peters…continues to be dogged by what appears to be a bloc of Michigan voters who don't know him, even after six years in office,” and that challenger John James leads with independent voters by 44% - 36%.


Polling shows a very tight U.S. Senate race in Michigan:


Detroit Free Press: 45% - 41%


Detroit News: 44% - 41% 


Tarrance Group: 47% - 46% 


Trafalgar: 48.1% - 46.6% 


Change: 50%-46%