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USMCA: Where’s Gary?

LANSING, Mich., December 10, 2019 – It's been over a year since President Donald Trump, along with the leaders of Canada and Mexico signed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). After a year of waiting on Democrats, it finally looks like that agreement will get a vote in the House of Representatives. However, Michigan’s junior Senator Gary Peter still hasn’t stated how he will vote on the legislation. 

USMCA is projected to add over $70 billion in investment to the US auto industry. Much of which will be centered in Michigan, home to the American “Big Three” automakers and over 100 automotive suppliers. It is also projected to add billions in new investment into Michigan’s agricultural industries. However, despite these tremendous benefits, Peters has been mute on the agreement's passage. 

"After over a year of waiting, I am tremendously happy that the USMCA is moving forward. However, the inaction by Senator Gary Peters on an agreement that would be tremendously beneficial for Michigan is yet another example of Peters putting his partisan political loyalties ahead of the best interests of his state.”,  said Laura Cox Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox also stated, “It’s time Michigan had someone in the U.S. Senate who’s not afraid to say what he thinks and who will fight for the people, not for his party.”