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Watch Gary Peters Dance

Peters was called out by a reporter after refusing to answer questions— for more than a minute— about partisan power grabs via court packing, ending the filibuster and creating new states


LANSING, Mich., September 29, 2020 – Watching Gary Peters dance is as painful as one might expect with a 30-year career politician.

But the reality of watching him refuse to answer tough questions about America’s future is just sad. 

Peters danced around media questions about radical proposals to give his party partisan control over the U.S. Senate and Supreme Court, instead offering a tortured 70-second long dodge that frustrated a West Michigan reporter.

WZZM’s Nick LaFave, known for asking tough questions and even tougher follow ups, asked Peters on Friday about radical Democrat proposals to take control of the Supreme Court and U.S. Senate, not in elections but instead by court packing, ending the filibuster and going around the current electoral process by adding two new Democrat states to the union (and therefore, up to four new Democrat senators).

Peters refused to answer and LaFave called him out on it.

  • LaFave: “Are you on board with any of those? Should voters know that that’s a possibility from the Democrats if they take control?
  • Peters: Spends 70 seconds avoiding an answer, including: “I don’t want to get into parlor games as to what the future may hold.”
  • LaFave: “OK, I’m going to move on but you did not write off any of those things.”

“Gary Peters is no different than Joe Biden— he refuses to say no to the most radical progressives in his own party because he is afraid,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. “Peters needs the votes of the most radical activists in America and that means Michigan voters should count on him helping Democrats change the rules to take control of the Senate and the Supreme Court if he is reelected.”