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When Congress Met To Strengthen Michigan’s Small Businesses Pre-COVID, Gary Peters Skipped 43 Times

Today, the nation is witnessing Michigan’s efforts to revive our economy after COVID-19 hit. But Gary Peters skipped 84% of the Small Business Committee hearings that could have made Michigan jobs more resilient

As the nation today focuses on Michigan and our efforts to revive the economy - following damage done both by COVID-19 and Governor Whitmer’s unscientific, unemployment raising and unconscionable nursing home policies - research shows Gary Peters failed to lift a finger to strengthen our small businesses before crisis hit.

When Peters had the chance to better prepare our economy for crisis, he skipped 43 of 51 House Small Business Committee hearings from 2011-2012— a shocking 84% of the time.

Worse yet, in 2012 Peters did not show up a single time (23 of 23).

Peters has a track record of skipping out on things that matter most to Michigan. 

When Peters had the chance to hold China accountable as a United States Senator, he attended only two of 18 meetings (89%) of the Congressional Executive Commission on China.

“Gary Peters shows up for important work so rarely that new polling shows only 19% of Michigan voters said he deserves a second term,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “Gary Peters didn’t show up to stop China and he didn’t show up to make Michigan’s small businesses stronger, so he shouldn’t be surprised when voters don’t show up for him in November.”