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When it Comes to Working with Republicans, Whitmer Won’t

On Sunday, Speaker Lee Chatfield joined Devin Scillian on WDIV’s Flashpoint to discuss the State Legislature’s lawsuit against Governor Whitmer’s unilateral executive overreach. The legislature has sought to work with Governor Whitmer since the day coronavirus first came to Michigan, just as they have done on previous occasions with the state budget.

The relationship between legislative leadership and Whitmer soured when the governor released emails of confidential negotiations between her administration and House and Senate staff, in an attempt to score political points.

“The laws still need to be followed, and our Constitution still needs to be followed, even while we are in a pandemic,” the Speaker said.

The Governor has yet to put forward a detailed plan on reopening Michigan, rather than her day-by-day game plan based on “data” and “science.”

“Governor Whitmer will not work with the legislature, she will not provide a comprehensive plan to re-opening our state, and she will not provide any light at the end of the tunnel for the people of Michigan.” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “It’s time for the governor to adopt federal CISA guidelines and start to strategically re-open our state, and work with our legislature to get Michigan back on track.”