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When Michigan’s Small Businesses Needed Support, Gary Peters Skipped out on them 43 Times

Peters skipped 84% of the Small Business Committee hearings that could have made Michigan jobs more resilient prior to COVID-19

When Michigan businesses needed support the most, Gary Peters skipped out on Small Business committee hearings that could’ve helped them prepare before crisis hit.

When Peters had the opportunity to better prepare Michigan for a crisis, he skipped 43 of 51 House Small Business Committee hearings from 2011-2012— an appalling 84% of the time. Even worse, in 2012 Peters didn’t bother to show up a single time. (23 of 23)

“Every time Michigan small businesses have needed strong leadership to show up for them in Washington, Gary Peters couldn’t be bothered.” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “The bottom line is that Peters is no ally to small businesses. These businesses are the backbone of our nation’s economy and deserve better air support than a part-time Senator.”