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While Michiganders Struggle, Gary Peters Double-Dips

Since the coronavirus outbreak has hit the state, millions of Michiganders have been laid off as businesses have been forced to close and shutter. With over 20% of Michigan’s workforce out of work, the state is seeing historic levels of hardship. Recently the state has had to move forward with temporary lay-offs and furloughs. The response has put an unprecedented burden on the state of Michigan – soon to face a $3.2 billion shortfall.

As Michiganders are struggling, Gary Peters is double-dipping into taxpayer dollars. While Peters is receiving his $174,000 annual salary for being a sitting U.S. Senator – he also continues to collect around $50,000 a year in state pension, with an annual 4% increase from his time in the state legislature.

Across the country, those who hold office or seeking to do so have focused on giving back to the community. Combat veteran and Detroit businessman, John James, launched his “Nickel Promise,” which has been helping those in the community since day one of his campaign.

“Leaders eat last, and during these difficult times, Gary Peters has once again proven that he is no leader for Michigan,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “Now more than ever, our state needs support from Washington, and Gary Peters is unable to deliver. As a job creator and through his ‘Nickle Promise,’ John James has done more for the people of Michigan than Gary Peter has in his decades-long political career, and I can’t wait to see him elected this November.”