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Whitmer Admits to Mishandling of COVID-19

Today, in an interview with WWJ Radio, Governor Gretchen Whitmer admitted she mishandled the state’s COVID-19 shutdowns. During the pandemic, Whitmer has allowed some businesses such as strip clubs to remain open while others, including gyms, have had to close. The Michigan unemployment rate currently remains among the worst in the nation, with thousands of residents still unable to access assistance from the state’s unemployment agency. 

This morning on WDET, Whitmer conceded that she also poorly handled COVID-19 in nursing homes, after placing patients who tested positive for the virus in facilities with staffers and other patients who were negative. The governor received bipartisan criticism on her policy for extended care facilities, with deaths in nursing homes accounting for over a third of the state’s deaths from the virus. Whitmer has rejected calls from both state and federal Oversight Committees to cooperate with investigations on her handling of the virus in nursing homes.

“Now that Gretchen Whitmer admits she was wrong, what is she going to do to remedy these situations?” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “Those who have lost loved ones or lost their livelihoods deserve answers. Whitmer needs to stop skirting her commitment to transparency and cooperate with our elected representatives trying to get Michiganders the answers she won’t provide.”