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Whitmer Agrees that Black Protesters with Guns at Capitol Would Have Been Killed by Law Enforcement

On Tuesday, in an explosive Instagram interview with reporter Terrell Jermaine Starr, Governor Gretchen Whitmer agreed with the idea that if armed black protestors were to demonstrate at the Michigan Capitol, they would be killed by law enforcement. However, just two weeks ago, a group of African American and Latino activists took advantage of their right open carry firearms at the state Capitol without any incident.

At the peaceful May 28th rally held by BLARE (Blacks and Latinos Against Racist Empowerment), armed protestors called for an end to hate between the races, better education for law enforcement, and for society to be more gun-friendly.

Whitmer’s inflammatory comments were part of the same interview in which she voiced her support for the “spirit of” the defund the police movement. A movement that has successfully persuaded the Minneapolis City Council to disband the city’s main law enforcement branch.

“Whitmer’s inflammatory statement about risks to armed African Americans at the state Capitol is not only defamatory to the men and woman of law enforcement who protect her, but it’s also blatantly false.” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman.  Cox continued, “Yet again, Governor Whitmer has demonstrated that she is willing to do anything, and say anything, to capture the national spotlight and appease her progressive base in her quest for the Vice Presidency.”