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Whitmer and Her Administration Continue to Skirt Transparency

Yesterday, MIRS reported that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) said that it could take a year to respond to all of the Michigan Legislature’s Joint Oversight Committee inquires. These inquiries include correspondence between MDHHS and Governor Whitmer’s office on the handling of COVID-19 in nursing homes, among other issues.

Three weeks ago, leaders of the Michigan Legislature’s Joint Select Committee on the COVID-19 Pandemic sent a letter to Governor Whitmer requesting documents pertaining to her office’s handling of the outbreak – seeking to get answers for their constituents who have been affected by the virus’ spread in nursing homes. MDDHS Director Robert Gordon wrote back to the committee stating, "we request a follow-up conversation aimed at identifying the committee's priority needs and establishing a mutually agreeable schedule,” and that "responding to the volume of requests in the committee's letter, it could take more than a year."

“It is not surprising that Governor Whitmer and her administration continue to seek any route possible in skirting transparency and accountability to the people of this state.” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “It is clear there were errors and lapses in judgement when addressing the COVID-19 outbreak in nursing homes. The people whose lives have been affected by those decisions deserve answers, and it’s time the governor and her administration provide them.”