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Whitmer Continues to Miss the Mark

Last week, Governor Whitmer was served another round of losses. On Friday, the Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan granted a preliminary injunction halting Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order that gyms must remain close despite many other businesses in the same industry reopening.

The Honorable Paul Maloney, Chief Judge of Michigan’s Western District, also requested that the Michigan Supreme Court clarify the scope of the governor’s Emergency Powers she has continually exercised over the state’s citizens.

The court rulings come as members of Whitmer’s caucus in the Legislature have lost patience with the governor’s policies. Led by Democrat State Representative Sara Cambensy, legislators sent a letter to Governor Whitmer requesting that she reopen Michigan UIA field offices in the same manner as the Secretary of State so Michiganders may finally receive assistance.

The move closely mirrors legislators’ bipartisan calls upon Gretchen Whitmer to reverse her nursing home policies that expose negative patients and employees to those who tested positive for COVID-19. Friday night, it was reported by The Detroit Newsthat nursing home officials warned Governor Whitmer of the risk COVID-19 posed in their facilities. Yet, her administration failed to take proper action.

“While her mistakes have cost Michiganders dearly, Governor Whitmer has been blinded by her ambition to expand her executive powers,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “Instead of spending all her time doing media appearances in an attempt to impress Washington Democrats, Gretchen Whitmer should have focused solely on helping our state through this crisis. Today, I’m renewing my call for the governor to testify before the Michigan Legislature to provide answers on her decisions that have been detrimental to our state.”