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Whitmer Defends Lie with Another Lie

LANSING, Mich., March 07, 2019 –  Since announcing her highly controversial 45-cent gas tax hike, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has repeatedly told the people of Michigan that she was not aware of the severity of Michigan’s road issues; thus, necessitating the tax hike. She has also claimed that her lack of knowledge on the issue is the reason why she called Bill Schuette’s allegation that she would raise the fuel tax by 20-cents “ridiculous”. However, throughout the 2018 campaign, Whitmer repeatedly alluded to the fact that fixing Michigan’s roads would take at least $2 billion in state funding, and often claimed that with federal funding she would spend $3 billion in her first year on roads.

“Governor Whitmer’s defense that she didn’t know the severity of Michigan’s road issues is ridiculous,” said Laura Cox Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox continued, “Clearly by her past statements Whitmer knew the price tag for her plan. She either lied about raising the gas taxes 20-cents plus, or lied about having a plan to fund ‘fixing the damn roads’. Either way, it’s Governor Whitmer’s record on telling the truth that is truly damning.”

The following are examples of when Governor Whitmer outlined her road spending proposals prior to becoming Governor: