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Whitmer Knew of Coronavirus in February

Governor Continued Ahead with Political Rallies in State’s Hotspots 

LANSING, Mich., June 25, 2020 Governor Whitmer’s latest magazine profile with The New York Times Magazine revealed her Chief Medical Executive Joneigh Khaldun warned Whitmer of possible cases of COVID-19 in Michigan in February. Dispute the warning, Whitmer carried on with widescale political rallies in the run-up to Michigan’s Presidential Primary – hitting the campaign trail for former Vice President Joe Biden. While Michigan’s neighboring states were reporting cases, Governor Whitmer carried on with campaigning.

Knowing of the possible threat back in February from one of her top health advisors, Gretchen Whitmer failed to properly prepare Michigan’s unemployment agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, and retailers. Whitmer has received bipartisan criticism for turning nursing homes into COVID-19 hubs, and not properly staffing Michigan’s UIA for the surge ahead.

Furthermore, Whitmer blamed the federal government for their response, despite the significant actions taken back in January. Whitmer has since taken part in an upward of 50 late-night shows, cable TV shows, magazine profiles, and national interviews slamming the president even with her own delayed action. The Trump Administration took swift action in the wake of coronavirus, providing extensive aid and support to Michigan. Governor Whitmer then misled and lied about some of that aid in the early days of the virus spreading through the state.

“Instead of preparing our state for the looming COVID-19 crisis, Gretchen Whitmer was more worried about Joe Biden’s primary chances here and auditioning to be his running mate,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “From Rolling Stone to Glamour Magazine, Michigan has taken a back seat to Governor Whitmer’s political aspirations.”