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Whitmer Makes Political Ad Buy

If there was any doubt that Governor Whitmer is playing politics with the COVID-19 crisis, today it was revealed that her campaign arm has purchased over $10,000 in political advertising on Facebook during the past seven days.

Whitmer has pushed back against accusations that she was politicizing the crisis, telling ABC 12 "We don't have time for politics and games when people's lives are on the line." However, records show that the same day she made that statement, the following political ad began running on Facebook.

“Today, Gretchen Whitmer got caught with her hand in the political cookie jar yet again” said Laura Cox, Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. Cox continued “First it was giving no-bid state contracts to Democrat political firms to handle a vital public health care program. Now, we find out the governor is running thousands of dollars’ worth of political ads on Facebook. It’s time for the governor to stop playing politics and start helping the people of Michigan.”