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Whitmer Misses The Point

Just hours after thousands of Michiganders descended on the Michigan Capitol to protest her inconsistent stay-at-home policies, Governor Gretchen Whitmer brushed off the event as “just politics’ during another national TV appearance.  

Yet it’s exactly the opposite. Resistance against Whitmer’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis is growing throughout the state. More than 200,000 people have signed a petition to recall Whitmer, and social media groups against her historic overreach have attracted hundreds of thousands of followers.

Michiganders are losing their jobs, businesses are struggling, unemployment is skyrocketing, and Whitmer continues to blame her own constituents for the issues at hand. However, Whitmer has missed the point as hundreds of thousand Michigan residents have spoken out against her policies. Even more troubling is that the governor has never shared a plan or timeline of how Michigan is going to get through this virus and instead, extends inconsistent executive orders that are destroying people’s livelihoods.

In her quest to be tapped as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential pick – Whitmer seeks to lay blame with everyone from President Trump to the people of Michigan for her follies. Yet her own executive orders are causing nothing but confusion and chaos. The restrictions and mandates are so inconsistent and repressive that members of Michigan’s congressional delegation called on her to walk back the order.

“Whether it’s blaming her own constituents for speaking out against the struggles they face because of her policies, or falsely accusing the federal government of diverting supplies – it is always everyone’s fault but Governor Whitmer’s.” Said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox continued, “Her inexperience and weak leadership is on full display, and Michiganders are suffering because of it.”