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Whitmer Overstepped Authority

Yesterday, Michigan Court of Claims Judge Christopher Murray ruled that Governor Gretchen Whitmer overstepped her authority in giving out felony penalties for employers who violate emergency orders in safeguarding workplaces. Murray gave the Associated Builders and Contractors a victory in their lawsuit against Whitmer, stating that she only has the authority to give out misdemeanors and smaller fines.

Last Friday, the Michigan Supreme Court also sided with Owosso Barber Karl Manke, who reopened his barbershop, despite Governor Whitmer’s stay at home order. The Michigan Supreme Court overturned the Court of Appeals ruling since it was not unanimous and did not afford Manke oral arguments in the case.

“Since this pandemic began, Gretchen Whitmer has abused her authority to elevate her national profile instead of focusing on what’s best for the people of Michigan,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “I hope these rulings are a reality check for the Governor, and that she will now use her executive authority to help Michiganders instead of trying to bully them into submitting to her will.”