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Whitmer Owes Michiganders Answers About Partisan Contracts

Yesterday, the Whitmer administration was forced to admit that they had been using two deeply partisan Democrat firms to conduct vital state healthcare business in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. After Republicans brought this fact to light, Whitmer quickly canceled both contracts in an effort to sweep the issue under the rug, however the following questions remain:


  1. Would these contracts still be in place had her administration not come under intense scrutiny?
  2. What other contracts has the Governor signed since this emergency started on March 10th and were those also with deeply partisan firms?
  3. Who produced the State’s advertising on COVID-19?
  4. How many volunteers have already been trained, and were they trained by Great Lakes Community Engagement employees?
  5. Did Great Lakes Community Engagement or EveryAction receive any personal information for the volunteers or the personal information of any of the citizens being called?
  6. How many contact tracing calls have been completed, and how many were placed utilizing software from EveryAction?
  7. Will Great Lakes Community Engagement or EveryAction be paid for the work they have done? If so, how much?
  8. Who approved these contracts? Who signed them?
  9. Will the Governor and her office release all internal emails regarding these contracts?
  10. Were these contracts the result of a lack of oversight by the Governor of her own administration?
  11. In addition to these partisan contracts, the Governor also hired Democrat public relations consultant Chris Meagher to help with her dozens of national media appearances. Who else has her administration hired since COVID-19 was discovered in the state on March 10th?
  12. How much is Chris Meagher being paid?