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Whitmer Puts Partisan Politics Ahead of Michigan's Students 

LANSING, Mich., October 7, 2019 – The following statement is from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox regarding Governor Whitmer's massive $166 million veto to school aid and higher education funding.

"Instead of 'building bridges' as she promised, Governor Whitmer decided to pave over the futures of thousands of Michigan students to try and get her 45-cent gas tax hike. Her veto of $166 million in education funding is unacceptable. Thousands of students may be forced out of college and several school districts may close. It is horribly disheartening that our children's educational opportunities have to suffer, all so that ourgovernor can try and prove a point."

According to MIRS, the following are the line-item vetoes from the School Aid Budget:

- $35 million by eliminating the per-pupil foundation increase for charter schools

- $16 million in Career and Technical Education training equipment

- $15 million for summer school reading programs for those not reading at grade level by the end of

the 3rd grade

- $10 million for a statewide program that helps security upgrades at schools with such things as a

panic button

- $9.2 million for computer-adaptive tests that are billed as increasing reading proficiency for kids in

grades K-3 so they can read at grade level by the 4th grade.

- $7 million for rural districts, of which $957,300 goes to Drummond Island and Mackinac Island


- $3 million for the Michigan Education Corps for pre-K reading.

- $3 million to help English language learners

- $2.5 million for a computer system that tracks student growth called the Value-Added Growth and

Projection Analytics System

- $2.3 million for information technology education opportunities. This was the third of three years

of funding for the grant program

- $2 million for a program that brings locally grown fruits and vegetables into a school building

- $1.6 million for strict discipline academies

- $1.5 million for an online school employee job bank

- $1.5 million for the "swank" Algebra Nation tool

- $1.5 million for an online mathematics tool

- $1.5 million for vendor who provides financial forecasting and transparency reporting tools to help

the financial health of districts and help improve communications with the public

- $800,000 for Teach America to host a summer training institute in the city of Detroit to recruit

teachers into a master teacher fellowship.

- $750,000 for year-round instruction grants

- $500,000 for a social emotional learning pilot program

- $350,000 on a pilot program to train 60 providers on autism treatment

- $350,000 for the Children's Choice Initiative designed to assist with language learning

- $300,000 literacy training for district and public-school academy principals.

- $300,000 for a program that challenges students to make autonomous innovation vehicle design

challenge and an underwater vehicle design challenge

- $250,000 for a Conductive Learning Center at Aquinas College

- $250,000 for a Best Buddies program designed to help those with intellectual and developmental


- $250,000 for the Michigan Fitness Foundation to invest in a physical education curriculum

- $200,000 for an educational and career pathway program called Pipeline to Promise run through

Mott Community College.

- $100,000 for a 501(c)3 organization to teach restaurant management and culinary arts

- $80,000 for a career exploration pilot program

- $50,000 for an industrial and technological education and workforce program called the Michigan

Industrial and Technological Education Society.

- $25,000 for an online mathematics program run through the University of Texas called the Dana