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Whitmer Requests Federal Assistance After Massive State Borrowing

Last week, Governor Gretchen Whitmer implored the federal government to provide the state of Michigan with a bailout due to a projected $3 billion-dollar shortfall caused by her coronavirus shutdown. However, Governor Whitmer indicated she will continue to press forward with nearly $3.5 billion in borrowing for road projects, which never received legislative approval. The combined $6.5 billion of Whitmer debt has raised eyebrows around the state.

“Michigan faces a huge $3 billion budget shortfall due to Governor Whitmer’s overly aggressive COVID response. Now is not the time for the state to be borrowing billions of dollars more.” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman and former Appropriations Chair for the State House. “Governor Whitmer needs to work with Republicans in the state legislature to find a way out of this budget hole she dug and fix the roads without shackling billions of debt onto future Michiganders.”