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Whitmer’s Unemployment Agency Ill-Equipped to Help Michiganders

In an interview yesterday with The Detroit News, Michigan's Unemployment Agency Director Steve Gray revealed that he “didn’t know” whether Whitmer’s team was preparing for an influx of issues when she issued her first stay home executive order back in March.

Craig Mauger, The Detroit News:

Before the governor issued her stay home order on March 23rd, did you all have conversations with the governor's office where you said we don't have enough staff to handle this continued surge in unemployment claims; did those conversations happen before March 23rd?"

Steve Gray, Michigan's Unemployment Agency Director:

"Um, you know, I don't know whether or not they happened before March 23rd and I probably shouldn't comment on any specific conversations that we've had with the governor's office." 

The agency has had a litany of issues over the course of Whitmer’s stay home order. From dropped calls and long waits, to the website crashing multiple times, many struggling Michiganders have been unable to get access in acquiring the aid they need.

This month, Michigan hit 1 million unemployed workers – reaching depression level rates with 21% of the state’s workforce currently out of a job.

“The issues at Michigan’s unemployment agency have been an ongoing story, and instead of parading around on national television and competing for another job,  Whitmer should be making this a top priority.” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “Rather than joining Joe Biden’s podcast and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Whitmer should be focused on ensuring that struggling Michiganders can get access to the aid she promised.”