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Whitmer Signs on to Socialized Medicine

LANSING, Mich., December 3, 2019 – Yesterday, MLive reported that Governor Gretchen Whitmer has joined the progressive wing of her party and would now support a government-run “Medicare for all” system as long as it is handled at the Federal level.  Previously, Whitmer had been an ardent supporter of private healthcare, counting some of the state’s largest healthcare companies among her top donors.


Support is rapidly growing amongst Democrats for a government takeover of the healthcare system with a majority of the party’s leading presidential candidates pushing some form of the scheme. It is likely that Whitmer, who is rumored to be on several Vice Presidential shortlists did not want to seem out of step with her party, or it’s possible nominee.


“No matter what Gretchen Whitmer says ‘Medicare for All’ would strip millions of Michiganders of their employer-based healthcare and ruin our state's healthcare system,” said Laura Cox, Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. Cox continued, “Gretchen Whitmer needs to focus on her current job, and fix the budget crisis she created here in Michigan instead of posturing for the Democrat Vice Presidential nomination.”