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Whitmer Vetoes Bills That Protected Against Voter Fraud

The bills would have made it a felony to request an absentee ballot fraudulently or on someone’s behalf, without their consent


LANSING, Mich., October 20, 2020 – While Democrats continue to downplay legitimate concerns over the integrity of our elections, Governor Whitmer took it to an extreme level on Friday, when she vetoed two bills protecting against voter fraud in Michigan.


According to MLive, the bills that Whitmer vetoed “would have added penalties for fraudulently submitting multiple absentee ballots or sending in an absentee ballot using another person’s information”.


“Governor Whitmer and the Democrats are in denial over the current vulnerabilities in our election. Instead of addressing these problems head on, they remain defiant, suppressing attempts to ensure integrity in our election.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “The contempt Governor Whitmer has for Republicans in the legislature needs to end. Her first job is to protect the people of Michigan, and her partisan veto of these commonsense bills does the opposite of that.”