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                            High Staff Turnover Continues to Plague Gretchen Whitmer’s Struggling Campaign

LANSING, Mich., March 27, 2018 – High staff turnover continues to plague Democrat Gretchen Whitmer’s struggling gubernatorial campaign in Michigan. POLITICO reported Tuesday that Whitmer has just hired her third campaign manager in less than 6 months, which comes just after Whitmer’s campaign was forced to also replace its main spokesperson.

Whitmer’s constant staff turnover only adds to her recent challenges, with establishment Democrats and labor unions offering her only reluctant support after spending months actively recruiting alternative candidates to no avail. With only months to go until Michigan Democrats choose their gubernatorial nominee, Whitmer continues to stumble toward the finish line, giving her party plenty of cause for concern for the general election.

POLITICO reports:

“Democrat Gretchen Whitmer has hired Eric Goldman as her new campaign manager for her Michigan gubernatorial bid, Whitmer's campaign confirmed today…

This is Whitmer's third campaign manager…

While she's retained front-runner status through the entirety of the Democratic primary for governor, Whitmer's campaign has seen its share of turnover. Besides cycling through multiple campaign managers, Whitmer has also replaced her lead spokesperson, Jen Eyer, with Annie Ellison, a well-regarded Democratic communications operative with roots in California politics.”

“This constant turn over, and her inability to run even a small organization like her campaign, demonstrates that Gretchen Whitmer lacks the ability and executive experience to lead Michigan forward,” said Michigan Republican Party Deputy Chief of Staff Sarah Anderson. She continued “Running the state of Michigan is not the place for someone to get on the job training.”