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Who is the real Whitmer? Go to the tape.

Gretchen Whitmer desperately wants Michiganders to think she shares our state’s mainstream values, but the tapes don’t lie. Again, and again Whitmer has been caught on tape disparaging the Federal law enforcement officers who keep our borders safe. While attending a rally of progressives in Lansing, she said that we should abolish the law enforcement agency, ICE: the agency that protects our borders, stops human trafficking, prevents terrorism, and blocks illegal drugs from entering our country. And, while her running mate said that our law enforcement officers were threatening lives, Whitmer silently nodded her support in an effort to court the progressive vote. However, whenever she is confronted by the media on these extremist stances, Whitmer waffles.

How can Michigan trust someone willing to waffle on something as important as keeping our families safe? When it comes to enforcing our state and nation’s laws, Whitmer won’t.