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Why is Gary Peters Hiding from Senate Debates?

Today, MIGOP Chairman Laura Cox called out Gary Peters for attempting to duck out from debates in the Michigan Senate race against combat veteran and Detroit businessman, John James. Last week, James challenged Peters to four debates – one in Detroit, one in Grand Rapids, and two national debates hosted by CNN and Fox.

Just days later, Peters accepted invitations for two separate debates with public television stations to limit the audience of voters he will have to answer to. According to MLive, “the date and other details of the events Peters agreed to are yet to be determined,” for the only two debates he accepted.

In 2014, then-Congressman Peters proposed 5 debates when he first ran for US Senate over six years ago.

In recent campaign events, Peters has also sought to duck the press by declining to take any questions during livestream campaign events.

“Gary Peters knows he’s in for the fight for his political life this November and is seeking to minimize the spotlight these debates would put on his failures during his time in the Senate.” said Cox. “I know Michiganders across the state want to hear what both candidates have to say, but Peters instead wants to hide. The terms James put forth are no different than what Peters proposed six years ago, and it’s time his campaign works on accepting those four proposed debates.”